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  1. Hello Everyone,

    I am searching for a 52 x 52 tablecloth made by the Betsy Ross Needleworks company many years ago. It's a square Mexican themed tablecloth called "Siesta Cloth".

    It has two ladies, each on opposite corners as well as two men on opposite corners, resting under palm trees. There are three "chains" that go around the tablecloth with pottery and cactus along the way of the outer chain.

    I saw one on Etsy recently but I was too late, as it had already sold. I would prefer to find one undone or at least unfinished.

    I am personally attached to this tablecloth because that is the tablecloth that my mother used to teach me how to embroider when I was seven years old. I finished it after a year. Unfortunately, we lost it in a move and have never found it.

    If someone comes across it, could you email me at please? I would greatly appreciate it!

    Thank you for your time!