Friday, November 9, 2012

Post Cereal Embroidery Kits

About a week ago, my mother gave me a
finished embroidery piece
that once belonged to my grandmother.
My grandmother loved covered bridges.
My mother couldn't remember whether or not
 she stitched this piece for my grandmother.
(Grandma also sewed occasionally. 
 It's possible that she stitched the piece.)
I believe my mother stitched it. 
 I recognize her neat taped edges on the fabric's cut sides.

While searching for some embroidery on Etsy,
I discovered the history behind this little piece.
During the late 60's and early 70's,
Post Cereal advertised mail order embroidery
 kits on the back of their cereal boxes.
 The clipping above mentions Kits A through I.
Apparently, there were at least nine different kits offered.

It isn't clear from the box clipping that survived
 if the buyer had to send in box tops
or a proof of purchase with  their order.

Katrina from KatsVintagePassions
kindly gave me permission to use the Etsy photographs
of her 6 Post Cereal Kits.

As of this post, she has two left for sale.
(Very reasonably priced!)


 I couldn't find any additional information about
the other Post Cereal Embroidery Kits.
The instructions that are still with my
covered bridge has a "Minuet Company"
listed as the kit's manufactuer.
If Katrina's kits hadn't been still packaged with
 the cardboard cereal box clipping,
 this is one interesting story that may have been lost!
Thanks Katrina, for the great information.
Here's another grocery store item
 that also sold a mail order embroidery kit.
It's a good thing Blue Bonnet and Post Cereal
 no longer offer these buying incentives.
 My family would be wondering
why I was bringing so much butter
and cereal home from the store!

Please leave a comment if you have any memories
or information regarding grocery store products with mail order
sewing kits.
I love hearing these stories.

I sure do miss you, Grandma.
Wishing you many blessings,


  1. Evening Amy! I never knew embroidery kits came from the grocery store in cereal! My husband and I LOVE covered bridges! We go every year to find a few on some of our journeys! These little kits are too cute. I am thrilled you have something so heartfelt. The picture of you? and Grandma is wonderful. I miss my grandma too...She loved to quilt and did into her 80's. I have one and CHERISH it! Have a blessed weekend! Roxie

  2. What a beautiful treasure to have of your grandma!! I love covered bridges, too!! Thanks for sharing the history! xo Heather

  3. How interesting! And don't you love the image of your grandmother sending off for these?

  4. I don't remember sewing kits, but we got all kinds of dishes and toys from mail in offers. I have a Captain Crunch deck of cards in my memory box. =)