Sunday, July 20, 2014

Pretty Embroidery

Sometimes, I can't remember
how I acquired a certain piece of embroidered linen.
This sweet dresser scarf is one such piece.
I believe I adopted it from a dear friend who was parting
with some of her grandmother's linens.
I usually use this piece in early spring.

It sure would be lovely in a little girl's room!
I love the variegated pastel colors
in the dainty crocheted edge. 
July is quickly coming to a close!
Enjoy these summer days!

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Sewing Downton Abbey $1.99!!! Get Yours!

I visited the magazine rack of my bookstore
and found this great special edition of Stitch magazine.
 The magazine was literally begging me to take it home. . . . Really!!
It pleaded, "You need me.  You need me."
(OK. OK.  I'm a little fanatical about the television series.)
The magazine is nearing its end of display date -- September 8.
When I checked on the link today from Sew Daily,
I discovered Stitch magazine is offering the special edition for $1.99!!
Click on the link below:

I don't sew much clothing, but I still loved looking at
all of the varied clothing designs and patterns.
The magazine does have some "quilter friendly" patterns
 like the journal cover above
and the table runner below. 
Both samples were sewn
using the Downton Abbey fabric line
 from Andover Fabrics.

You also receive kitchen friendly patterns like the
apron and tea cozy below.

Just wanted to quickly send this post for all my sewing friends.
Just think of all the projects you could finish before
Season 5!

Friday, July 4, 2014

Giveaway Winner and Mountain State Art and Craft Fair 2014

Happy 4th of July!
My son just drew the name
out of my giveaway drawing bowl!!
I'll be contacting the winner tonight.
Thank you for all that participated!

My family and I spent the day
in Ripley, West Virginia

The weather was a beautiful 79 degrees all day.

I love visiting the different vendors. 
 These baskets
each have a wood base that features
 a hand drawn famous scene from the Mountain State.

Look at these pretties from
She makes gorgeous, vintage-style jewelry.

You might also find a bit of whimsy for your yard.

This is Tammy Keller May with her loom.
Her beautiful rugs are all made from recycled textiles.
I usually see her in November at the
Thanks, Tammy, for letting me include your picture.

I usually find a special treasure at the Fair.
This year, I had this silhouette artist
create a silhouette of each of my kids.
He made each silhouette in about two minutes
with his large scissors.
He didn't use the shadow technique.
He just studied their profile and cut.

I love the way he captured my daughter's
glasses and braid.

This year, the Fair included a Civil War Encampment.

This young man is getting a cannon tutorial
from a wise veteran.

Who knew?  Civil War Doxies.
It was a good thing that they weren't for sale!!
I told the owner that my family had two.  She told me
she had two more sleeping in the encampment tent.

Your $6.00 ticket also gives you access to free workshops.
I tried this paper marbling technique.

How did I do?
An enjoyable day of great guitar playing, art & craft vendors,
workshops, and of course . . . .

Here's my best friend and other half. 
We're eating
West Virginia hotdogs (chili and coleslaw). 
I've visited over twenty states. 
WV's the only place I've ever been that eats
hotdogs this way.
How do you eat your hotdog?