Sunday, September 23, 2012

Crochet Tag Art: Free Printable

A gift for you . . .
Click on the text below to receive
Here's a sample of two of the tags. 
 I created them with photographs of
some of my vintage crocheted items.

Here's how I used the print-out:
One of the tags was collaged with other items
 into a vintage-like art board.

Vintage clip-on earrings adorn the ribbon hanger.

A sweet little bird watching o'er the nest.

Some buttons from the "French General" collection,
and buttons from my button stash.

I used the other three images to create art tags.
I'm planning on using them to decorate
simple brown gift bags or packages.


Have fun with these,
and please share your creative creations!
I'd love to see them.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

One lady's trash . . .

. . . is another lady's treasure.
Maybe so; maybe not.
Come see what I've found.
Some nifty china and porcelain containers
for future wool pincushions that I like to make.

A small blue and white plate
 for my blue and white kitchen.

Pretty pink plate to use for a dessert plate stand
after I add the crystal candlestick to the bottom.

Really nice advertising piece.  The advertising information
is printed on the back of this small trinket dish.
I'll probably share the advertising side of this plate in a future
Friday's Find.

Vintage West Virginia Souvenir
The old stove holds a secret -- a pull out measuring tape.

Little vintage bottles.  One is a prescription bottle.
The taller tin holds this amber glass bottle.

A lovely piece of finished stitchery.  I'll either resell the nice piece
or make it into a pillow or wall hanging.

A nice older book 

A lovely old book of stories and illustrations
 in not-so-good condition.
The title page is missing from this collection. 
Someone had written inside the cover "1913",
 but I found a reference to the year 1920 in one of the stories.

I can still use the great graphics and illustrations.

Lovely German teacups.  The teacup in the front
includes a place to store your tea bag once your done steeping
the bag in the water.
What have you found recently?
Please share.  I'd love to know.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Ta-da! So excited!

I can't believe it! 
(If you know me, you won't believe it either.)

This week, I've been focused on creating a blog button.  For someone really hesitant about anything very "techie" this is a big accomplishment!  HTML coding scares me . . . really. (You must remember I love vintage . . . i.e., the typewriter!)

A blogging friend told me I needed to get a Photobucket account to get started.  I did just that.  Photobucket is a relatively easy-to-use photo-editing software that gives users access to the picture or graphic's HTML code.  Oh what fun!

Another blogger from gives really easy to understand instructions on how to get a created image into a blog button.  She doesn't mention Photobucket, but bloggers will understand where to place the image's HTML code after reading her blog post.

Thank you, Amy and Susan

I've placed the button on my right sidebar.
If you are a blogger
who displays like-minded blogger buttons,
I'd be honored for you to post my button.
Blogging is such a fun adventure.
 What do you think?