Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Old School

I've got a little weakness for vintage school
memorabilia and ephemera.
I've come across alphabet sets during my searches
through antique shops for unique linens.
The sets are usually too expensive or too incomplete.
When I saw this Fulton Chart & Sign Marker
for $8.00, I didn't think twice!
(Yes, it is called a "Sign Marker" not "Maker." 
 Isn't that odd?)
The only letter missing is the uppercase "H".
(These sets are readily available online for a variety of price ranges.)

It's far from pristine, but I don't mind.
It's loved condition tells me that this set was used and used
and used.
I also find it amusing that any
existing set I find online has a label stamped for practice
just like mine.
In the upper left hand corner, written with a fountain pen,
are the words "Our Lady of the Angels School."
I found a few schools of this name across the United States.
None near the store where I picked up this find.
For the history buff, I did discover the heart-tugging story
 of the 1958 Chicago school fire
which took the lives of 92 children and 3 nuns at
a school of this name.
The Our Lady of the Angels school fire
is considered the worst school fire in America's history
 and reminds me chillingly of the
 Triangle Shirt Factory fire from 1911 that killed
146 employees of the factory high-rise.

No matter where my little treasure came from, I know where it's headed -- to my fourth grade classroom.  I've got some crafty, creative students who will love stamping some artwork on a future rainy day recess!



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