Saturday, November 8, 2014

Thrift Therapy

Sometimes life gets a little too hectic, and you have to choose to stop for a moment.  The decision to take a breather is difficult when life's responsibilities surround you vying for attention.  Last Friday, I made the decision to take a little breather.  I turned the car right instead of left at the traffic light and headed for my favorite thrift store.

I have to admit that I love the smell of old stuff.  Old books, especially. Even though I know all the dust is going to cause a sinus nightmare, I can't help myself.  I truly love the smell.

This spontaneous drop-by validated my dust obsession and confirmed the value of a needed break.  I brought home a fifteen piece mismatched set of blue willow china.  Some vintage; some new.  The older pieces have that crackling in the porcelain glaze.  While I no longer use those pieces in the kitchen, I find other ways of using them around the house.  Each piece cost about 60 cents.  The platter is my favorite.  The pieces come from England and Japan.
I also discovered a German souvenir tablecloth set with six napkins in the linen section.  I don't think the set was ever used.  The fabric feels as if it still has the manufacturer's sizing in it.  I thought the blue and brown colors would be a great addition to my blue dining room, especially in this autumn season.

Each napkin features a different German castle.

Sassy Cat must have German roots. 
She's made herself at home. 
Be sure to take a break if you need one!
(I'm still have huge problems with Blogger.  I lost a new post last week, and still have no control over the spacing at the top and throughout post.  If you're a techie with a solution, I'd love to hear from you!)