Friday, September 27, 2013

Uses for Vintage Embroidered Pillowcases

 Some of the very first vintage linen pieces I owned
were embroidered and crocheted pillowcases
that were given to me after
my great-grandmother passed.
I was a young junior-high girl.  Even then, I admired the
pastel colored embroidery and dainty crocheted edging. 
I have no memories of Agnes since she moved to the
other side of the United States
when I was very, very young.
 She had come to America as a young girl with her
immigrating parents from Czechoslovakia.
Here she is on the left.  I wonder where she was going
arm-linked with her friend.  Their fur-accented coats
and fashionable hats whisper to me of
some special outing.
For a while, I used my great-grandmother's pillowcases,
but after several washings,
I noticed the soft cotton was wearing thin.
To protect these little pieces I had of Great-Grandmother's time,
I found other uses for her embroidered pillowcases.
For months, I would drape them over the bedroom nightstands,
letting the handiwork show toward the front of the nightstand.
The cotton pillowcase then draped over the back portion
of the stand.
I've also placed them inside my linen closet so that
the beautiful edging falls right at the edge of the shelf.
Sheets and towels get stacked on top.
 Sheet sets can be folded and stored within
these pretty vintage cases.
Imagine reaching into your linen closet without having
to search for the matching fitted and top sheets!
This storage option also reduces the amount of allergens
and dust mites that come into contact with your stored linens.
(We've got allergies at my house!!)
If you find a clean and mostly un-used set, consider
gifting them to that dear relative
 or friend who already has
Even if a year or two's worth of laundering
wears out the beauties,
they still will have served their intended purpose --
adding beauty to the home.

All of the pillowcases
featured in this post have been
gifts from friends
or my own thrifty finds.

The Internet and creative craft books
also give numerous repurposing
ideas for these particular vintage linens.
I love this one!

Do you have any ideas for using your
embroidered pillowcases?
I'd love to hear!

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Hankie Favors

Who doesn't have a love for vintage hankies?
 I happened upon a group of forty-some hankies this year
and knew they'd be the perfect favor for
a ladies' event at my church.
I needed about 60 for the event.
The group of forty-some was an incredible find.
The remaining 20 or so were easy to obtain.
Each vintage hankie was cleaned, folded, and arranged
within a specialty paper envelope.
I loved the dainty crocheted edge on the one above.

Can you see the incredible embroidery on this hankie?
The padded satin stitch is amazing.
Others like this scalloped edged beauty
had floral designs on soft cotton.

Watching the ladies choose their favorite made my day!
Do you have a favorite hankie?
I'd love to hear!