Monday, July 22, 2013

A Little More Blue . . .

Here's a soft, well-loved vintage tablecloth
that works well in my kitchen.

This little tiered server adds that
little extra "mid-century modern" vibe.

 I haven't been able to identify the flowers. 
Any ideas?  I'd love to know.
I picked up this decoupaged cutie
after spotting the Anton Pieck illustrations.

After a little on-line searching,
I discovered that this keepsake box was crafted from a kit
manufactured most likely in the late 60's-early 70's.

Although unable to find an intact kit, I discovered
many finished boxes and purses similar to this one.

The wooden decoupaged purses usually fetch
higher prices.

Most of the boxes and purses have velvet linings
with ric-rac trim.

Helen did a wonderful job on her treasure box. 
 I love the personal touch of her fabric tag.
I recognized Anton Pieck's art
from children's books
illustrated with his work.
His work was also frequently used for
three dimensional paper cutting crafts.
If you're lucky, you might come across
a collectible wooden purse that contains
a shadowbox.  The shadowbox will
have the three dimensional Pieck image.
Thank you to Glory Be Vintage
for letting me post this picture of her Etsy item.
Have you recently found a vintage treasure?
I'd love to hear about it.


  1. Lovely tablecloth Amy. Could it be Dogwood branches and flowers? The little decoupage box is sweet, I remember the decoupage fad well!

  2. That's a lovely tablecloth. I love the blue color... as for the flowers... morning glories? The decoupage box is a great find. Love the tag by Helen.

  3. The table cloth is just oh so pretty!! Love those flowers, but I don't know for sure what they are beside pretty! The tiered dish looks so perfect on it! Your vintage decoupage chest is really fun!