Friday, July 12, 2013

Blue Feels Like Home

Blue feels like home.
Like aquamarine with teasing tide,
or powder blue with cotton clouds,
Midnight navy between the stars.
Nestled egg, the robin kind.
Deep indigo on Staffordshire, 
Aged, azure-tinted canning jars.
 It whispers out of Grandma's opal
appears sky-like in my children's eyes--
familiar, known, but new.
Ah, yes!
Cerulean turns and looks at me --
Their father's blue, what sky becomes,
a deeper, dearer, colored hue.
Blue feels like home.
I find blue very calming and use the color for my living room,
 dining room, and kitchen.

I don't find blue very often during my vintage linen searches.
If I happen upon a piece, I try more often than not to bring it home with me.

This square blue cotton tablecloth was probably part of
a bridge or luncheon cloth set.
(Think card table size.)
 This hostess probably received many gracious compliments
on her needlework and crochet -- both are beautifully done.
Her unique color selections would have made her table memorable.
I hope you are taking time to smell the roses.
Summer's quickly passing us by and with it the season's blossoms.
Enjoy them!


What color do you most enjoy?  Please tell me why,


  1. Your table cloth is beautiful. Love the yellow and the blue.

  2. Yes, that is very pretty. I tend to always lean towards lighter greens. I love the Jade-ite glass, and I love the pretty sages.. Why? I really am not sure, but I do get really excited every time I get a blue or green egg from my chickens and they lean on the green side. Maybe it is such a pretty part of nature. But it makes me happy!

  3. What pretty table linens, I alway love anything that is embroidered. Have a great week, Laura

  4. I hope this isn't a double comment. If it is, delete one. =)

    My friend Judy is a blue person. Her whole house is blue! As for me, I love soft baby pink...