Sunday, August 4, 2013

Summer Project Finished!

I've been enamored with the vintage-style oilcloth
that has resurfaced in fabric and quilt stores.
While visiting a quilt shop this summer, I purchased
some yardage featuring strawberries and gingham.
I couldn't wait to try a sewing project
 that called for this textile.

I found oilcloth very easy to sew.

My tote is unlined, but pinking shears provided
a cute touch to the edges.
Here's my blue-eyed Sassy once again
 interrupting a photo session.

She definitely approves of the new tote!

The pattern for this tote came from the creative
Sophie Bester's Oilcloth Inspirations.
I have enough oilcloth left for an adorable lunch sack.
Hmm . . . .what else could I make?

 Before too long, I'll be getting out of storage
some unfinished
fall projects from previous years!
Where has the summer gone?
In my hometown,
school begins this Friday!
(I saw this storm coming in while at an area shopping plaza.)
I've seen some storms this summer.
I've seen what comes after the storm.

(The church children found this Lunar Moth after services one evening.)
I've had the time to stop and see
 God's beauty in the smallest of things,
(Martin's Branch Road.  Everybody needs at least one
road with a tree canopy.)
and I'm ready to see where
the next adventure leads.
What will you remember about this summer?


  1. I have been tempted to buy some oil cloth and make a bag out of it, too. Good to know that it sews up nicely. =) I'll give it a try!

  2. Amy, I love oil cloth!! I have seen some beautiful things made with oil cloth and yours is no exception!! I enjoy the bright cheerful! Where has the summer has been mostly a cooler one for us in OHIO. I believe we will have a lovely favorite time of year! Love seeing beautiful country roads....anytime of the year! Blessings~~~Roxie