Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Visiting the Antiques Roadshow

I recently attended
the "Antiques Roadshow's"
Charleston, WV

 I received two tickets by random luck of the draw!
This past winter, "Roadshow" announced their coming summer visit.
Hopeful attendees (me! me!) only had to submit a mail and email address online
 to be entered into the randomly chosen ticket drawings.

About one month before the show, my tickets arrived.
I was thrilled!

I grabbed two family pieces I wanted appraised and my antiquing buddy.
She also brought two items to be appraised.
"Roadshow" volunteers kindly gave me category markers
for my items.  These markers identified what lines I needed to find.
This white gold, diamond ring belonged to my great-grandmother.
I was hoping to find out the time period she probably acquired it.
My answer:
Illusion Setting
 (used to make the 1/10 of a carat diamond appear larger)
14K White Gold
Value: About $200.00
(This appraisal was much lower than one
acquired more than 10 years ago.)
My second item was a large Roseville Pottery
vase that another grandmother had displayed in her home.
Again, I was hoping to find out the time my grandparents
would have acquired the item.
The appraiser told me that the vase
was the "Clematis" pattern,
from Zanesville, OH.
The vase is in excellent condition.
(No surprise . . . . Grandma was careful with her things.)
This vase was made in the 1940's,
and, despite its size, is only
worth about $100.00-$150.00.

My friend also brought two family items.
She was disappointed to learn her Harper's Ferry Civil War Sword
wasn't made until after the Civil War -- thus, the end of that family story!!
She has a wonderful sense of humor and is having
fun pointing out the "fib" handed down
from her husband's side of the family.

"Roadshow" is planning three episodes from their Charleston visit.
I can't wait to watch them air.
Seeing all of the items being carried around by attendees
was so much fun.

Mark Walberg, the host, actually talked with me!!!!
OK. . . . He touched my shoulder and said,
 "Excuse me" as he cut through the line.

Does that count for anything?

(I'd love to know why Blogger keeps putting so much space between my title and my first line. If you blog and know the answer, please let me know!  I'd appreciate it!)


  1. Fun post Amy! Hubby and I attended a roadshow when wd lived in Florida. Our items weren't worth a lot but it was fun and I especially enjoyed seeing what everyone was carrying.

    You'll enjoy watching the episodes on TV! :)

    About those spaces, try using the delete button to remove the extra spaces, the backspace button won't do it.

  2. Hit the publish button too soon, lol. Your grandmother's ring is very pretty, and priceless in sentimental value. I have the same Roseville Clematis vase in brown. Guess I won't plan on retiring on its value. :)

  3. Wow! I'll bet that was so much fun!!! I think a lot if families have that same sword fib. As, for that ring. Swoon! It's beautiful! Who cares that it isn't worth $1000's.