Friday, August 1, 2014

Day at the Ohio State Fair

My family enjoyed visiting the
Ohio State Fair
this past Wednesday.
Here are a few of the outstanding things we discovered!

Can you see the feed sack incorporated
into the middle panel of this
adorable wall-hanging?
(Sorry for the glare.  This beauty was behind glass.)
I met a talented stitcher waiting
at a demonstration table
for her other guild members to arrive.
She graciously allowed me to photograph
this amazing hardanger sewing kit she had finished. 
This Dear Jane quilt was calling my name!!
The talented maker took a Dear Jane class for three years
working on the various blocks found in this gorgeous quilt.
I also loved this stunning sampler quilt.
Look at the tiny hand-quilted stitches,
the beads, the lace addition --
tiny details that add up to a spectacular finish.
I was also inspired by other types of crafters . . . .
I didn't know food could look so pretty!!
I also didn't know food could be so . . . hmm.
I was excited to see my Amish country favorite
at the fair with a booth!
This washtub planter received a ribbon
in the unusual container garden category.
I didn't know this category existed.

These summer chicks were quite entertaining to
young and old alike.
Can one ever get tired of watching new life?
Here's another unusual garden container I admired.
This was an amazing pumpkin!
I watched some of the sheep get sheered. This docile one
had already received her haircut.
We also took a break from the sun to watch
these Belgiums compete in one of the arenas.
Afternoon rain kept us from finding the rabbits and cows, etc.,
but we still managed to fill most of the day.
I love the fair; don't you?
Do you attend a county or state fair?
I'd love to hear.


  1. Enjoyed your fair photos! We go to the Virginia State Fair, which looks similar to yours, except for the wonderful Amish food, lol. Such gorgeous quilts. Hope they will be displayed at our fair again this year, loved seeing them last year.

    Your blog looks so pretty, like your new look.

  2. Lovely photos, Amy, and some really talented artists at work. I have not been to a county fair, or state fair, in years. I burned out during the years my sons were taking animals to the fair. Maybe it's time to go back, just to see the crafts.

  3. We went to our state fair for the first time last year. It was fun!! I don't think we will be able to make it this year.

    The quilting and sewing projects are amazing!!

  4. Looks like you have a great time. Oh my gosh the quilts are just beautiful. WOW! 3 years of taking classes that is amazing.