Friday, June 14, 2013

Birds for Tea

 "Even when a bird walks
one feels it has wings."
Antoine-Marin Lemierre
This Japanese teacup had lost its saucer
by the time I happened to purchase it.
I thought perhaps I'd share it
with some of my feathered friends.
This cardinal couple loved stopping by
 to check on their "tea."

Enjoy June!  It's slipping away.


  1. What sweet pictures!! I love the cardinals enjoying their tea!! It looks so pretty out on your table. That is a nice way to enjoy your tea cup. Thanks for your prayers. I am safe, but it will be a long haul out here. They are making containment progress but so many lost homes, homeless people, evacuees, and misplaced and lost animals. my heart breaks for the charred forest, too. But my faith and everyone's prayers are going to be what keeps us all going.
    Bless you friend,

  2. You set a lovely table for your fine feathered friends.
    It looks like they enjoy being pampered :)

  3. Life is easy and peaceful seeing such pretty scene in your house.