Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Trying Pinterest Pins

I've tried some of my Pinterest pins
and would like to share the results!
(Pictures used are from the original pins
 with links back to the original source.)

These cookies are wonderful.  I made them for a recent cookie exchange.  My peppermint bark Hershey Kisses wouldn't hold their original shape like these pictured. (I'm not so talented in the kitchen.)  As the Kiss melted, I simply used the prong of a fork and pushed the unmelted white tip into the white melted stripe. This created a flat striped peppermint bark "button" in the center of the cookie.  I also colored my sugar as suggested in the recipe with great results.
I've pinned more than one Sharpie Marker craft.  I thought I would try using permanent markers to decorate porcelain as suggested by the blogger through this link.  (She also was following another pin.) This blogger had great success with decorating her porcelain with Sharpie markers and baking it to make the porcelain decoration truly permanent.  Although I followed instructions, the marker did not permanently adhere.  The marker can still be scratched and/or rubbed off.  The blogger states that some of her followers did have trouble with the marker design washing off.   I'd love to know if you have found success with this craft.
Unlike Snow White, I don't whistle or sing much while I clean house . . .  especially if I need to clean the shower.  I often buy the shower cleaners that are sprayed each day after the shower is used.  When I found this simple DIY Shower Spray using only vinegar and dishwasher rinsing agent, I thought I'd give it a go.  It's cheaper and has fewer chemicals than the store brands I've used.  It's wonderful!  I also think it works better than the some of the store brands I've bought. 
Have you tried any of your Pinterest Pins?
Let me know if you've had a successful pin
and feel free to follow me on Pinterest!

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