Saturday, October 27, 2012

A New Treasure

Last weekend, I was shopping in Berlin, Ohio
 -- beautiful Amish country.
There amongst the charming gift shops was
a small yard sale.
I spotted this adorable bassinet
with fold-up wheeled legs.
The seller saw my interest and said,
"You can have that for $1.00"
I paid him $2.00.
The church ladies I was with thought my
bringing a baby bassinet home
was humorous.
Graciously, they conceded the purchase was just an "Amy" thing.
I knew it was just right for my vintage linens and quilts.
Here it rests in front of my dining room window
with several pretty vintage tablecloths.
Never underestimate the opportunity of finding a seller
 who doesn't want to cart an unsold large item back home.
Have you stumbled upon a treasure recently?
Please share . . . .


  1. Truly a great hunt and treasure found. Sweet in the house.

  2. You got it for $2!! Lucky you! It's adorable!

  3. So beautiful Amy!! I love all your pretty linens!! Have a great week! xo Heather

  4. What a find, Amy! I LOVE this idea because I have lots of vintage tablecloths and no more babies to put in a bassinet. I really enjoy your wonderful blog - please visit me at my Etsy shop (NeatoKeen)!
    Cindy xo

  5. That is the perfect manner to display your lovely quilts!! :)

  6. That's a wonderful idea, Amy. You have some pretty linens there, too.

  7. I have been meandering through some of your posts and they are full of charm and loveliness.
    I found you through mutual followers and I hope that you will become a mutual follower, too.
    Your new blogging sister, Connie :)

  8. Isn't that such a sweet bassinet! It makes me sad, because I had a pretty basket like this My mother gave me for my first baby, I used it for both my children. In one of those days where I was trying to figure what need to go and what to keep, i got tired of moving the basket around in storage and gave it to the Goodwill. i miss it, and wish i never would have made that decision. This one is so lovely! And much like the one I had. It will be a very beautiful place for your pretty linens!

  9. I can't believe you got that for only 2.00, what a find! Hope you are having a good week, Laura