Thursday, September 6, 2012

Ta-da! So excited!

I can't believe it! 
(If you know me, you won't believe it either.)

This week, I've been focused on creating a blog button.  For someone really hesitant about anything very "techie" this is a big accomplishment!  HTML coding scares me . . . really. (You must remember I love vintage . . . i.e., the typewriter!)

A blogging friend told me I needed to get a Photobucket account to get started.  I did just that.  Photobucket is a relatively easy-to-use photo-editing software that gives users access to the picture or graphic's HTML code.  Oh what fun!

Another blogger from gives really easy to understand instructions on how to get a created image into a blog button.  She doesn't mention Photobucket, but bloggers will understand where to place the image's HTML code after reading her blog post.

Thank you, Amy and Susan

I've placed the button on my right sidebar.
If you are a blogger
who displays like-minded blogger buttons,
I'd be honored for you to post my button.
Blogging is such a fun adventure.
 What do you think?


  1. Congratulations for achieving such a feat ! lol I am completely with you and hearing you about technology. The whole thought of it boggles my mind. Maybe you have inspired me to give it a go myself. I had thought of having somebody else do it for me. Yours is so lovely.

  2. Thanks for the info! I've wanted to create a button too, but didn't know where to start! This is great...hope I can get it!

  3. I have it added to my blog. =)

    You do have a bit of extra code added in that needs to be removed. After the < /a > at the end of your coding, you have "/> and that needs to be removed. If you look up at your sidebar graphic, you can see that coding off to the bottom right. Let me know if you need any help, but I am fully confident you can handle this just fine. =)

  4. Oh! Thanks for sharing this! You did a great job with yours!! :)

  5. Let's see, what do I think? I think that you are so talented and so brave. I am always afraid that every time I do anything to my blog . . . I will either mess it up or loose it completely. Bravo to you for jumping in and creating a designer button. I'm very proud of you. Connie :)

  6. I saw it and love it! I am going to put it on my blog for you, of course! I had a hard time figuring out how to make a blog button when I first started, but finally figured it out and made two. Now, I keep thinking I should make a different one? Maybe a better one? But you did really great!