Sunday, September 9, 2012

One lady's trash . . .

. . . is another lady's treasure.
Maybe so; maybe not.
Come see what I've found.
Some nifty china and porcelain containers
for future wool pincushions that I like to make.

A small blue and white plate
 for my blue and white kitchen.

Pretty pink plate to use for a dessert plate stand
after I add the crystal candlestick to the bottom.

Really nice advertising piece.  The advertising information
is printed on the back of this small trinket dish.
I'll probably share the advertising side of this plate in a future
Friday's Find.

Vintage West Virginia Souvenir
The old stove holds a secret -- a pull out measuring tape.

Little vintage bottles.  One is a prescription bottle.
The taller tin holds this amber glass bottle.

A lovely piece of finished stitchery.  I'll either resell the nice piece
or make it into a pillow or wall hanging.

A nice older book 

A lovely old book of stories and illustrations
 in not-so-good condition.
The title page is missing from this collection. 
Someone had written inside the cover "1913",
 but I found a reference to the year 1920 in one of the stories.

I can still use the great graphics and illustrations.

Lovely German teacups.  The teacup in the front
includes a place to store your tea bag once your done steeping
the bag in the water.
What have you found recently?
Please share.  I'd love to know.


  1. Hello Amy! You found such nice treasures! LOVE the teacup in your hand for the tea bag! And the book is cute as it can the illustrations. All very nice items...they don't make things like this interesting and made well! I found yesterday a few VINTAGE PURSES at an ESTATE Sale. I will be posting/blogging them soon. Blessings to you..your sister in CHRIST..from one sweetie to another~~~Roxie

  2. What beautiful and neat treasures you found!! I found a sweet vintage rocking chair, that I will be showing later this week! xo Heather

  3. Love all you goodies! I can't believe that is a measuring tape!! How fun! I think the top picture will make great pincushions! Love the tea cup and bag holder, too! I love old books, even in not so good condition. I mean they are old after all!

  4. Love that tape measurer, have never seen one like it. Great finds! Thanks for stopping by, Laura

  5. They are all so lovely! I've never seen the Royal Homes blue and white--love it!

  6. I'm curious. If that is to hold your tea bag, then how do you drink without it falling onto your face? I've always heard they were called mustache mugs, to keep the man's mustache out of his coffee.

  7. I love those German tea cups. They are from the Victorian era by the looks of them and yes I agree with Gram above about the moustache cup.
    They are very collectible and slowly going up in price. You have found lovely items.
    Thanks so much for your sweet 'fairy' message on my blog, you made me smile x