Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Join the Tablecloth Contest!

Do you have a favorite vintage tablecloth?

If it's tagged, get it pictured in

Database Contest

This great resource has almost 700
 identified tablecloths in their database.
Their goal is 1,000.

If you have a paper tagged
 or sewn-in tagged vintage tablecloth,
consider getting its pic's entered.

You could win a fabulous prize!

No tag on your tablecloth beauty?
 There still may be a place for its picture in the database.
Click Here For Contest Details

The Club has a $25.00 fee to access all of its resources,
 but the contest is open for non-members!

Join in the fun.



  1. Hi Amy! Thanks for the "shout out" spreading the word on the VTLC contest. There really are some wonderful tablecloths as prizes. It's a great club so I hope lots of folks join in. You can win a short term membership too! Pam

  2. Hi Amy! Thanks so much for posting about the VTLC database contest! Hope you win a short term membership, I think you'd enjoy it! You are planning on entering some tablecloths, right? Pam