Sunday, June 24, 2012

Creative Quilters

This past Saturday I
found creativity galore at the
West Virginia Quilt Festival 2012

held at the Summersville Arena & Conference Center
in gorgeous Nicholas County.

One highlight of the Festival was meeting retired dentist,
 Dr. Don Locke, from Texas.
Look at his 51,816 piece quilt depicting da Vinci's
"The Last Supper."

Much of the fabric was hand dyed.
 Each square is half an inch.
I think Leonardo would have been impressed!

Many great vendors were at the Festival, too.
was one of my favorites!
They're two shops in one --
 a country store and a quilt shop.

You can email them at

The quilters who participated in the show
were outstanding.

This art quilt was stunning!

This bluejay wallhanging with swirling leaves was just lovely.
Look below to see how the quilter quilted into the white background
the image of one of the batik leaves.
Can you see it?

Some great embroidery.

I thought I'd end with this little bluebird,
 part of a Baltimore Album Quilt.
If you give it a glance, you'll think "how sweet."

Look closer. 
 The quilter specifically chose and angled
 the fabric for the back wing.
The spiral of the fabric pattern is just right
 for the fanciful wing.  She also added
her own pen to the bird's underside
 and back feathers.
See her shading on the front wing feathers.
  It looks like she used a black micro-pen.

How inspiring!
I feel like sewing.



  1. WOW! That's some serious art work!

    Love the blue jay and I love the bluebird, but the Lord's Supper quilt...Now that is some amazing work! WOW!

  2. Oh my mother would have loved this..and I have seen the Last Supper quilt...all of them are so pretty and how talented each artist

  3. Wow, those are some super talents! What fantastic quilts! So glad you shared these.

  4. You captured some beautiful quilts. Looks like you had a wonderful time.