Friday, June 1, 2012

Vintage Butterick for Friday

It's time for Friday's Find!

Can you ever have enough patterns?

I like these vintage Butterick patterns
because they're for a small child, size 2.

This sweet puppy makes the jumper
 pattern illustrations complete.

The second pattern is also for a small child, size 2. 
 It's a slip pattern.

Look at the price.  What a bargain!

I'm having difficulty dating these patterns.

Butterick didn't print on the tissue paper pattern until the late 40's.
Both have printed patterns.

They have no copyright or date marked.

Do the outfits and hairstyles strike you as 50's or 60's?



  1. Gosh, do those bring back memories. I used to sew all of my clothes when I was young - yes, 50s & 60s. I am now following you your pretty!
    Hugs, GraceinAZ

  2. Hi Amy - thanks for sharing this post in the Ruby community. I think you are pretty close in your guess of 50s or 60s . . . .looks to me like late 50s or early 60s because there isn't any evidence of the "hippie" look that starts showing up in the later 60s and early 70s. I know there are online vintage experts who can help date these kinds of things. I have a few patterns that I actually used back in the 70s ;o) I'll have to look through them and see what I still have!

  3. 35 cents for a pattern!! MY! I am 64 and guess these would also be the latter part of the 50s or maybe very early 60s. Looks like something my Mama might have made us three girls as she sewed all of clothes and three of them, to boot!
    Thanks for sharing a bit from my past, ~ linda

  4. Amy, these are so pretty! I love the artwork. The apron dress looks real simple to make with only four pieces! The girls look early 60's to me! But that is my guess! Are you going to make any?

  5. Amy, I was way off. If what I found is true, then it is more likely 1952 or close. Here is a link to Vintage Patterns Wiki, and this artwork is almost the same artwork, just a different dress. It even has the puppy!
    Bless you,

  6. This one, too!