Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Kreativ Blogger Award

Thank you so much to
 Little Susie Home Maker

for giving me the

Little Susie was one of my very first blog followers.
Check out her blog if you like recipes,
 vintage items, crafts, link-ups, and chickens!

As part of the award, I'm to share 7 interesting facts about myself.
Then, I need to grant the award to 7 other blogs.

7 interesting things
 (I think . . . )

In the Second Grade,
I couldn't put down The Secret Garden.
From there on out, I was a reader.

One evening during the summer of 1996,
 I happened to meet a very interesting young man.
The next day, I told my mother that
 I hoped I married somebody just like that man.
I married that exact man in 1998.

I'm learning to play a folk instrument called the Bowed Psaltery. 
 I own the middle-sized version pictured.

My favorite place in the United States that I have
 physically visited is the Grand Canyon.

In 2010, I spent 11 days in Israel.
I hope to go back again.

I'm willing to admit I have a minor . . . OK,
a BIG addiction to craft magazines.

I've eaten soooo much dark chocolate that I no
longer enjoy the taste of milk chocolate.

If you're still with me, here's what is really interesting!

The next Kreativ Blogger Award winners!

Terrie lives in Hong Kong.
 She works with wool and creates beautiful things.
  She also hand dyes pieces from natural materials
 she finds from her surroundings.

Rayanne at "A Lovely Thought" has beautiful,
 romantic photography and many lovely thoughts.

Donna will share with you
 the vintage treasures she picks up during her journeys.
  She also just listed her first pattern on Etsy!  Yeah!

Amy is a great quilter whose fabric stash colors
 closely resemble mine. 
 I really enjoy seeing what projects she's finished.

Gwendolyn blogs about creative writing.
  Sometimes she shares parts of her inspirational fiction stories.
  At other times, she gives a book review or shares a writing tip.
  Occasionally, readers receive an inspirational thought.
 Her blog is gorgeous and fun for anyone who enjoys historical fiction.

Nina's blog has resources too numerous
 to mention for the Christian crafter and writer. 
Nina's blog has tutorials and devotionals, and 
her posts are often linky parties to her Ruby For Women Community --
 a great place for women to connect for publishing opportunities,
 prayer support, crafting, blogging, friendship, and so on . . . . 
It's like I said . . . too numerous to mention!

I hope you'll visit these creative places.




  1. Thank you Amy, for blessing me with this award. This truly makes my day! The Bowed Psaltery looks like fun! At the summer bazaars in Budapest, Hungary, they played instruments similar to the the psaltery, and I always enjoyed the music. I'll post my response to the award either in the next couple of weeks. :-) Bless you!

  2. Hi Amy - thanks for your sweet message on my blog ;o) I am honored that you thought of me and included me in your award. I will definitely do a post about it and promote your blog there as well as in the Ruby community. I'm finishing up the magazine for June, so I'll be a bit distracted by that for a couple of days yet, but will look forward to connecting with you again later in the week. Also, if you have anything at all that we can promote in the magazine such as a post or craft, please let me know and I'll save a spot just for you ;o) Thanks again, Nina

  3. Thank you Amy for passing me the award. You're just being kind. Your creativity I admire most. The Salvaged Linen Sachet are so pretty that I wanted to do. Your other crafts are just brilliant I will follow also. Happy to know more about you. The instrument psaltery sounds wonderful. Grand Canyon is stunning. I'm out to Potuggal and England next week for almost 3 weeks. Will my post link with your award when I'm back

  4. I just love these lists where we get to know things about the blogger. So fun! No. 2 is my favorite. :) And I share no 6 with you. We just moved and my hubby was none too pleased with the boxes of craft magazines he had to load and unload. :P

    ♥ Melissa~
    Pink Paper Peppermints