Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Peony Magic

To be overcome

by the fragrance of flowers
is a delectable form of defeat.

Beverley Nichols
(British Author)

I'm just now finally taking the time to share
the pictures of my peonies.

One of spring's last blessings
and summer's first offerings.

They amaze me with their capacity to give
 so much  bloom while requiring so little.

 They only ask for gentle support when their heads hang low.


Do you grow peonies?
What color?


  1. I have not tried to grow peonies. I think even our Texas spring will not allow them to grow. Just kidding. It is just so hot here now. Oh how I love the A/C.

  2. Beautiful peonies! I grow peonies in my favorite color pink, my pink is darker than yours. Thanks for stopping by, Laura

  3. Yes! Don't they just take your breath away, they're so beautiful? It looks like yours are about perfect! :)

  4. Yours are beautiful! I have white ones and magenta ones. They bloomed early this year in my area. They were gone before I knew it.

  5. Your peonies are awesome. I love peonies very much, love the many petals and the pink color. I do not have and can not grown in my yard because not much sunshine. Love seeing yours.