Friday, June 15, 2012

Friday's Find

This Friday's Find is a little different.
Most of the time I own my Friday's Find.
Today, I'm sharing a find.

Last weekend, I attended the
West Virginia's Writers' Conference

While I was eating in the dining facility,
I noticed a large rug displayed on the wall.

It looked somewhat odd as a display piece
in a rather informal cafeteria.

After eating,
 I went over to read the plaques displayed beside the rug.
Imagine my surprise to see Pearl K. McGown's name!

If you didn't catch my post about Pearl K. McGown and her
great influence on the rug hooking craft,

The Conference Center features unique handcraft workshops like basket making, pottery design, stained glass how-to's.  The fact that rug-hooking at one point made its way to the Center as a workshop made sense after I thought about it.  I wonder if Jane McGown Flynn was involved with that workshop.  Jane is Pearl K. McGown's daughter.

One side of the dining facility is in honor of both Pearl and Jane.

This photograph gives a better perspective of the handhooked rug's size.

From what I could discover,
 the Southern Teacher's Workshop
was still meeting in the area as recent as 2010.

Really interesting.

I've finished some more teacup
The cashmere aqua rose is in a small
1965 souvenier World's Fair teacup.

What projects have you finished recently?



  1. I didn't notice that about the rug, Amy. What a neat find!

  2. Wow, how neat that you found the rug! I think your teacup bouquets are awesome! What a great idea for pin cushions! Are you putting any in your Etsy? I guess I will go look. I am just crocheting a little here and there, but would really like to start a sewing project again. Maybe an apron? Have a great weekend!

  3. Some great finds here, love your tea cup pincushions.

  4. How cool is that!? I had never heard of her before until you. =) The rug is so beautiful. I can't imagine making something like that.

  5. I want one! Love these. I have a great love for pincushions and tea cups.