Friday, April 20, 2012

Vintage Magazine Stand

Look at Friday's Vintage Find.

(Although you may not see it, this magazine stand has "Amy" written all over it!)
Since taking a typography class in college many a vintage year ago, I have enjoyed becoming much more "font" aware.  And while the class may not have contributed much to the degree I ended up with, it has forever changed the way I look at print.

Just look at all these great magazine titles in their publisher's chosen fonts.  Of course, some of these magazines are still available today.

These are not.

LOOK finished publications in 1971.

The American Home finished publication in 1977.
One source credited it with joining Redbook?


Collier's last issue was in 1957.  How interesting for me to find that they just now have begun to print again this year!!
I wonder if it's more than a nickel now.

This does suggest that my stand at least dates to 1957.  I haven't reasearched all of the magazine titles that are no longer in print to find the earliest ceased publication date.

The tag (sorry, for the blur) says "American Art-ware, highly resistant to liquids and chipping, The American, Art Works, Inc. Coshocton, Ohio."

I wondered about the stand's bent handle.  Did the piece become damaged during a previous owner's move? Did they drop something on it?  I like to think I've found my answer.  The other day I happened upon my ten-year-old son standing in the living room with one foot resting up on the handle of the magazine stand.   I quickly informed him that the stand wasn't a footstool.

I don't think I'm the first mother to say those words!

I've moved the stand to my fireplace thresh-hold.  I was thinking that I'd get some vintage magazines and place them inside, right?  Here's the problem -- Once, I place those vintage magazines inside the stand, I won't see the great magazine headers anymore.  It will just be an ugly stand . . . .Any ideas?



  1. What a great find!! I do see the problem though, no mater what you put in it, it will hide the great fonts. Hmmm....I'll have to ponder this dilemma for a while. =)

  2. How exciting. What a really neat item to have. I just adore all of the fonts, as well! I don't have a suggestion. But am wondering how tall this is. Is this the top view? Sorry, I am a little dimensionally challenged!