Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Free Printable Quilt Pattern

Here it is - a printable, easy-peasy pattern.

Just for you!
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This easy, but unique pattern includes two vintage linens.
I used a linen whitework tea towel that had lovely drawn thread embroidery.
I usually will only cut one of these if the tea towel is stained or damaged.
The rectangular doily pictured is in excellent condition and is only tacked down with surface stitching. It can be removed later if desired.  This doily is probably part of a three piece duchess dresser set or an armchair set.  Sadly, I only have the one piece.  It would have come with a matching piece identical in size to place over the other arm of the chair (if the armchair set) and a large piece to place over the back of the armchair.  I have seen the large matching back piece online.  Perhaps the makers grew tired of the pattern after making the one doily.

Detail of the whitework.

I did quilt a simple outline border within the whitework. 
My other quilting stitches are hidden within the drawn threads.

The filet crochet has roses within the pattern. 
Would you have liked this doily on your armchair or dresser?

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  1. How delicate and lovely! I wish I had more patience for this kind of work! I just love them!

  2. Thank you for the pattern! I think you did just fine with writing out the pattern and making it easy to follow. =) It's a creative way to use the vintage doilies and other types vintage linens.

    Did you know your blog settings are set up as "no-reply?" I ask because some don't know that they are set up that way and would want to change it. If you want it that way, well, then just ignore me! =D

  3. Quilting is a beautiful craft which needs patience. You are an creative. Thanks fo your compliments of my wool felt works.