Monday, January 6, 2014


Yesterday at church, the pastor used two verses
for his sermon text:
II Corinthians 9:8 and James 4:6.
Two phrases from these passages really stood out to me.
"And God is able . . . . " (II Cor. 9:8)
"But He giveth more grace . . . . "(James 4:6)
As thoughts of the coming year flooded my mind,
I realized something:
anything 2014 brings me can be answered
with one of these phrases.
What if I can't . . . ?
"And God is able."
Will I be . . . .?
"God is able."
When I become . . . .
"God is."
If I . . . .
How will I . . . ?
"But He giveth more grace."
If she does . . . .
"He giveth more grace."
But what if . . . ?
"He giveth more."
"He giveth."
May the GRACE of the Lord Jesus Christ
be present in your life
this year!
Welcome 2014!
The photograph below is the newest
addition to my vintage sewing collection.
The young woman featured is working on
some cutwork embroidery.
The delicate cushion beside her and the fringed rug-piece
on the wall behind her both feature
needlepoint designs.
I've named this adopted friend "Grace"
to reflect the topic of today's post.
To download a
free copy of "Grace's Sewing"
for your personal crafting use,
click the link.
You must have a free Scribd account to download the file.
Please feel free to share how you plan on using the image.
Or even better -- share the end result!
I'd love to see it!


  1. I love your blog

  2. Perfect name for the pretty lady in the picture! I too, enjoyed Church service yesterday.....such a sweet presence of the Lord. Blessings for a wonderful week.....and Yes, God is able! Roxie

  3. Love you blog! so interesting! i will be back!! often :)