Saturday, April 27, 2013

Little Shoes

 Don't you wish
these little shoes
could tell you where
they've been?
A first step?
A puddle jumped?
Little games played
Back then.
Their story's
been forgotten.
No one's here to
Why little
shoes from time past
survived and

I've adopted some mother's keepsake from long, long ago.  These very small button-shoes
are probably sized for a little one's first steps.  They do show
minimal wear on the soles.

All the buttons are still in place.

And tucked in a tissue down deep in one shoe
was an extra little button.

Where do you think these little shoes have been?
Do tell.



  1. Oh Amy, how precious these are. The Mother took very care of these for her little one. What a keepsake! Have a beautiful and blessed week! Roxie

  2. What beautiful little shoes. I wonder if the baby outgrew them before learning to walk? I hope so; that button tucked away worries me. Such a wonderful keepsake, Amy, and lucky to have landed in your hands where they will be appreciated.