Friday, January 18, 2013


A couple of months ago,
I had the privilege
of teaching classes
at six different public libraries
in my county.

Together, ladies of all ages,
with a range of beginning to experienced sewing skills,
stitched some rosette brooches.

What a wonderful experience it was to see
 the range of personalities shown through fabric choices.
Some are shabby chic. 
 Some a "little bit country."  
Others were Christmas-themed.

(One of the pretty library displays for the program.)

Here are few of the pretty rosettes. 

(Photographs show rosettes only
 to protect the privacy of these exceptionally
 creative and craft lovin' patrons!)

If you were to make a rosette, 
which fabric would you choose?



  1. So many things you could do with these rosettes! I have some scrap material that I just figured out what I can do with it! Thanks for the great idea.

  2. Ohhh!! I see mine!! That was a lot if fun!! Thanks for doing the program!!

  3. They're beautiful, Amy! I never thought of doing that. I suppose mine would be a rich, deep silk, perhaps a burgundy or emerald green.

    And happy blogiversary! You've done a great job.

  4. these are adorable!

    i love how the fabric choices make them all different from the other. as for me, i'd probably use a feedsack floral fabric..something 30's looking.

    thank you SO MUCH for visiting my blog! i am your newest google follower!