Monday, August 13, 2012

Having Tea With the Kings: Part Three

Darius & Cyrus

The book of Daniel closes with
his service to Darius and Cyrus --
kings from the invading army
 that defeated Belshazzar's Babylon.

During this final part of Daniel's life,
he hears news from his native homeland.

Jeremiah, a prophet who was not taken in
captivity to Babylon, was used of God
as His voice to the Jews remaining in Judah.
  Daniel learns of Jeremiah's prophecy regarding
 his and the other Jews' captivity in a pagan land. 

Jeremiah's prophecy reveals to these
 Jews that their captivity will last seventy years.
(Daniel 9:2)

Upon hearing this news, Daniel immediately
"set (his) face unto the Lord God."
Daniel 9:3.

He didn't run to his friends to tell them the news.
He didn't go tell King Darius what he had learned.
He didn't ask, "Why were we here so long?"

At this point of his life, decades had passed.
He's just now realizing he would
 probably live to see the Jews' return to Jerusalem.

I wonder if Daniel was just
 then understanding,
the captivity was all part of
God's judgement
on the nation of Israel.

Regardless of what Daniel was thinking,
we know he immediately began
to talk with his Lord in prayer.

Doesn't that act of turning his face
toward God remind you of the young
Daniel in chapter 1 who had "purposed in his heart"
that he would obey God rather than
obey Nebuchadnezzar?
(Daniel 1:8)

I've truly been challenged by Daniel's example
to purpose in my heart to choose God's path
even when it's the difficult choice.

Thank you for listening and traveling with me
on this part of my journey!

It is my prayer that you and I both
continually set our faces
toward God.

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  1. Wonderful devotionals. We all need to be reminded of this. I'm you newest follower. . .