Friday, March 6, 2015

Gary and Gretchen

When I was a very young,
my mother had Jim Ingwersen prints of
Gary and Gretchen in our house.  I remember thinking
they were pictures of me and my brother.
The fact that my brother and I both have brown hair
didn't hinder my opinion in the slightest.
Since these prints were popular in the 70's,
thrift stores abound with different sized
framed editions.
Every time I saw them,
I remembered being that preschooler
looking up at "my" picture
at Mom and Dad's.
When I noticed Gretchen's red shoes and baby blue dress,
I thought I'd try to give Gary and Gretchen
a little make-over. 

As you can see, Gretchen in her original frame
is a little too dark --
typical 70's.

The unvarnished frame was easy
 to coat with some spray paint.

 Any touches of blue and red
received a coating of extra fine glitter.

I added some flocking glitter on Gary's collar.

Red ric-rac was added.

 At Christmas time, I added red gingham ribbon
and some vintage ornaments.

Then, in February,
 I removed the vintage ornaments
and displayed the siblings
with some jadeite,
vintage pyrex,
and a couple of
old kitchen tools.

Do you remember Gary and Gretchen?


  1. I really don't remember them. I love that you thought it was your brother and yourself, to cute. How creative to give them that special touch. I will keep my eyes open for their pics next time I am out browsing.

  2. Your prints are precious. Love how you dressed them up.